Joshua Allen joined Greenbridge Investment Partners in 2014. Prior to joining the Greenbridge Team, Mr. Allen was a private wealth manager for high net worth individuals located in Beverly Hills, CA. His primary focus was in equity analytics with focus on establishing risk management protocols for a proprietary derivatives portfolio. Helping his clients navigate the often volatile capital markets of the first decade of the 21st century, Joshua focused on risk management and capital growth strategies to fulfill his client’s distinctive needs. Often, as part of his overall investment strategy, Joshua would utilize direct real estate investments to anchor many of his clients’ portfolios. Through his new role at Greenbridge, Mr. Allen assists in structuring high net worth capital to risk adjusted real estate purchases and turnarounds, matching real estate assets to each client’s investment objectives.

Years of Experience:
Using the invaluable lessons learned in the tumultuous markets of the previous 15 years Joshua has helped Greenbridge by bringing an alternative asset class to his client base and identifying risk from capital market headwinds that may impact Greenbridge’s real estate portfolio.