Martin has been in the commercial building engineering field for the past 29 years, with extensive knowledge of the building systems: mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire suppression, energy management an building access control systems. He has overseen engineering service for properties from 350,000 square feet to large property portfolios of 4 million square feet, that cover mid to large office buildings, retail complexes, multi-use buildings, office/warehouse parks, office parks and their associations.

Martin oversees the day-today operations of the physical property assets as well as coordinating with the construction and project management team to ensure smooth ongoing operations. Martin is very experience with contract management, vendor relations. He has outstanding knowledge to reduce supply chain and utilities costs through energy management systems, by using value engineering processes.

He also evaluates the properties’ building and mechanical systems and prepare preventative and ongoing maintenance programs. Martin is the primary point of contact for all construction and project management teams and vendors for our Seattle properties

Years of Experience:
Martin has AA degree in Mechanical Engineering. He hold his Facilities Management Administrator Designation (FMA), Facilities Management Certificate (FMC), Systems Maintenance Administrator(SMA), Systems Maintenance Technician Designation (SMT) through BOMA, carries a Master Electrical an Class Three Boiler license including a Commercial Refrigeration license. Certified NEECA BOC l & ll.

In his free time, Martin likes to restore classic muscle cars, race, spend time with family at their favorite vacation places, and has been coaching his kid's basketball team at the local community center for the past 10 years.